Monday, February 28, 2011

Words of wisdom for Monday...

Some modern wisdom and some beautiful fashion photography to rev us up for the week ahead! There's something about tulle that always brings a smile :)

Have a fab week!

Abbey x

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Some Friday Pretties....

Just a few gorgeous images to round out what's been a tiring week. Loving the vintage vibe going on here and the combination of turquoise and pink - divine! Glad it's Friday! Enjoy the weekend :)

Abbey x

Images via Style me Pretty

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunday Magnolia Style

After a couple of annoying tech problems at our place, I'm finally back online. Hoorah! It was actually Sunday afternoon that our modem decided to pack it in, just as I was putting together this little Sunday afternoon vanilla layer cake finished off with a gorgeous magnolia....Also the day we had to pull out our new crabapple tree, which the local possums destroyed, and replace it with...yes, you guessed it, a magnolia tree!

Doesn't my pink kitchenaid - prized possession - make a lovely baking backdrop?!

I took this little combo upstairs to husband who was working away on the computer. Do you think he even noticed the cute little love heart before he shoved it in his mouth?! Extremely unlikely :)

Abbey x

Photos by Gild & Grace

Friday, February 18, 2011

Colour filled streetscapes...

Surely you'd have to come home happy every night if you lived in one of these bright and breezy streets?! All my favourite gelato colours...not sure which would I'd choose. Far too hard! And to round the corner in that pink beetle! I begged my Dad to buy me one of those (the much older version) when I was a teen but sadly, he couldn't be convinced...

Enjoy the weekend :)

Abbey x

Photos from 1,  2 & 3

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rooftop Party....

What is it about a party on a rooftop that makes it that little bit more exciting?! The heights, the view, the air up there??...In this case it's the gorgeous table styling! As a rule I adore turquoise, and teamed with a clean white, all the better. But the red accents here really add something too. And set against that plain brick wall and wire fence really makes the whole table pop. Edgy yet whimsical, especially with that blue fairy floss and martinis! Blue tongues all round I'm thinking...


Abbey x

Photos from Style me Pretty

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Swedish Gem

There is much to love about Scandinavian interior design. The great use of light and big open spaces, the clean white palettes brought to life with bright colour and quirk, their ability to mix modern and vintage and make things appear raw and polished at the same time....I could go on and on! I think all these elements can be found in this Swedish gem...

Note that pink tap!

The colour contrasts with portions of bold black & white

And Darth Vader thrown in for some quirky good measure!

And of course the exterior is as cute as the interior. Who'd ever want to leave?!

Enjoy :)

Abbey x

Photos from here

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Millswyn

We are seriously spoilt for fine dining choices here in Melbourne so sometimes choosing somewhere for a special occasion can be harder than it should be. However earlier this month when our wedding anniversary came along I told hubby to relax as I was all over it! I'd been watching the transformation of former Melbourne icon 'Lynch's' for some time and could tell from early days that I was going to like what they were coming up with.

The Millswyn is in a prime position directly opposite the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens just down from The Botanical and other South Yarra favs. The fit out is really special thanks to the talented Hecker Guthrie who have a hand in so many of Melbourne's coolest locales. I was of course more interested in the design than the food (though the food was fantastic too!) and was delighted when our waiter offered to take us on a full tour including the upstairs function area and private balcony space for two! How romantic - if only I'd known about it when I booked!

This is the downstairs restaurant space, we sat just in front of this fireplace...

 And the upstairs space. Love that Anne Zahalka photograph...

This is the downstairs bar. The stark white contrasts well with the more neutral tones used in the restaurant space. Great spot for some fabulous cocktails!

And out to the gorgeous balcony overlooking the gardens. The night we were there this was set up just for two with cosy couches. I've been telling all our single male friends about it for their future reference! Perfect spot for a proposal :)

Owner David Yu (who is 21 years old can you believe?!) summed it up perfectly in an interview with Vogue Living - "...where French bistro meets old-world bar, meets Scandinavian freshness in a South Yarra Street"

Loved it, recommend it, go if you're in Melbourne :)

Abbey x
Photos from Remodelista

Monday, February 14, 2011

Loved up...

I did some engagement party cupcakes for a lovely client over the weekend. She was after something with love hearts and the couple's initials. Very fitting given the proximity to Valentine's Day! I think red velvet and chocolate work really well together, with some pink to bring them together of course!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your someone special does something nice.

Abbey x

Photos by Gild & Grace

Friday, February 11, 2011


Whilst SATC's Charlotte York dismissed them as 'filler flowers', I, like Carrie Bradshaw, am partial to the humble carnation - especially the pink ones! And especially when they're styled as well as these were on this gorgeous chocolate dessert table by bbbsisters...

I love the contrast between the chocolate brown and the different shades of pink. Yum!

Abbey x

Photos via Designsponge

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kelly Wearstler - My Vibe My Life

Super stylish LA design icon Kelly Wearstler has started a new blog - My Vibe My Life. I'm pretty excited as, at the risk of sounding like an awestruck teenager, I think she's about as cool as people get :) In her first post she shows how she makes up 'vibe trays' to collect and plan her ideas for a project. Much edgier than a neatly presented materials board I say!

Loving these pink and blue 'vibe trays'...

Ahh, and will we ever get over her Imperial Trellis?! I know I won't....


Abbey x

Trellis photo from the Style-Files

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Premiere Issue - High Gloss Magazine

Another fab new online mag has hit and this one is pretty special! Founder Paloma Contreras has long being showing her style through her blog La Dolce Vita and High Gloss has really lived up to the hype in its premiere issue. LOVE that cover...and the peak inside I Suwanee Jamie Meare's gorgeous home and store...and Elements of Style blogger Erin Gates Bachelorette's all just too good!

Here's a look...

Bright tabletop styling....

Erin Gates glam pad....What girl doesn't need a stunning pink couch?!

Clever use of trellis wallpaper in the kitchen...

And Jamie Meares use of bold colours is pretty divine too...

And what a haven her store is....

If only it were here in Oz...

Abbey x