Monday, October 31, 2011

Black and white bliss...

Black is not ordinarily a colour that grabs me in interiors, especially not in the scale of this wall, however  I really love this room! I'm putting it down to that bright and fabulous parrot print, the monogrammed pillows, the very glamorous mirror and those lamps. How about you? Even drawn to images where the dominate feature is something you'd never do? Would you ever attempt a black feature wall?

Have a great Monday :)

Abbey x

Image via Branbourne Farm

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend inspiration...

Well it's one of the biggest weekends of the year here in Melbourne this weekend. The all important Melbourne Cup is this Tuesday! Aside from the all important horse racing, is the all important spring fashions - think bold colours and elaborate hats. Cup Day is a public holiday (hooray!) and many people (me included!) take the Monday off too and have an extra long weekend - pure bliss! Most Melbournians either go to the cup or spend the day watching it with friends. Many bets, bbq's and bubbles to be had!

So whether you're in Melbourne town or somewhere else, enjoy the weekend :)

Abbey x

Image via Pinterest

Friday, October 28, 2011

This week's love... the utterly beautiful new range of textiles by US based designer, Caitlin Wilson. I have long been an admirer of her great style so I was pretty confident her fabric range was going to be something special! Here's a sneak peek but you can check the whole range out here.

Thanks so much for stopping by G&G this week and for all your lovely comments. Enjoy your Friday!

Abbey x

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pink lemonade...

There's something a bit special about homemade pink lemonade, especially over the summer. So light and refreshing. Perfect for all the spring/summer events coming up - the races, Christmas parties, summer bbq's, bridal showers, any fun event really...

If you give this a go, just be careful with the pink food colour. Start with a tiny bit and add from there as a little goes a long way and before you know it, you'll have hot pink lemonade! 

Abbey x

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday's white kitchen...

Great contrasts to be found in this week's white kitchen - dark and light, traditional and industrial, though I particularly like the contrast in shapes between the squareness of the windows, cupboards, tiles, stools and that great table, which doubles as an island bench and breakfast bar, and the roundness of the lights, accessories and the great curved legs on the table. The round shapes really soften all the square edges. All in all, a very lovely kitchen...

And I couldn't help but include this gorgeous bathroom also. I love how all the shapes in the room seem to revolve around that fabulous window. Loving the great use of grey marble in both these images too. The perfect contrast to the shine of the nickel and glossy white finishes...

Enjoy your Wednesday :)

Abbey x

Image 1 - Made in Heaven, Image 2 - Decorpad

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Style & texture...

So many aspects of these great rooms by Californian design firm Pal & Smith that caught my eye - the fabulous use of colour and pattern of course, the contemporary art work and all that great texture! Leather, wood, shiny nickel, muted whites, luxurious sheer curtains and lots of great geometric rugs. I really admire designers who can put so many different concepts and finishes together in one space and simply make it work!

Abbey x

Images from Madebygirl via Pinterest

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend haul...

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We've had some crazy weather here this week. Started out hot and summer-like and then turned cooler with pouring rain and thunderstorms. The rainy weekend made for a hard time getting out and about but the garden has absolutely loved it! I wondered outside (between showers) on Saturday afternoon and managed to gather this magnificent haul of roses! Our garden is a bit of a mixed bag - lots of David Austin's, Delbard's and some lovely hybrid tea roses. Check them out...

They smell divine too!

Abbey x

All images by Abbey at Gild & Grace

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend inspiration...

We're off to a gloomy, rainy start to the weekend here. Hopefully things improve as I'm about to head out and about to do some shopping. My sister and I kicked off a new health and fitness regime last night with a new trainer so first stop this morning is the health food store! Pretty different to the things we usually do so we'll see how we go... Hope you have many exciting things planned for your weekend, especially my kiwi friends, some of whom have a long weekend - lucky ducks!

See you next week :)

Abbey x

Image via Dustjacketattic tumblr

Friday, October 21, 2011

This week's love... the Pink Swan Project by Suite New York - which is a very cool mid century furniture store. They are auctioning off versions of Jacobsen's Swan chair all jazzed up by some leading designers to raise money for breast cancer research. What a clever concept! I'm sure they will raise lots of money for a great cause :) You can read more about it and check out the rest of the chairs here.

Here are a few of my favourites...

Madeline Weinrib

Margherita Missoni

Vicente Wolf

Victoria Hagan

Windsor Smith

Choosing a favourite is tough but I don't think I can go past the rockin' ikat by Madeline :) 

Have a fabulous Friday all and thanks for popping by this week.

Abbey x

All images via Suite New York

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Touch of sunshine...

Even though a mere few days ago I was still donning my winter coat, today the temperature is set to hit 30 degrees (celsius that is!) here in Melbourne town. Such a nice time of year when you can see summer on the horizon -which for me means the beach, Christmas, holidays, lazy Sunday afternoon bbq's, watermelon, ice cream...the list goes on and on! And these bright outdoor spaces are certainly matching my summery mood today...

Imagine having palm trees in the backyard...divine!

Hope a bit of sunshine finds you today whatever you're up to :)

Abbey x

Images via 1, 2, 3 & 4

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday white kitchen...

This week's white kitchen comes with the extra special addition of subway tiles in turquoise! I don't think it gets much better than this :) Plus the lights, windows and cupboards are pretty cool too...

And I also thought I'd throw in this fabulous white bathroom too. This really struck a chord with me and I think it will be my inspiration for any future bathroom renovations!

Have a great Wednesday all :)

Abbey x

Images from here & here

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo wall fabulousness...

Am really loving the simple elegance of this lovely space. Soft white furniture, mags piled high and all set against the backdrop of that fabulous photo wall. The perfect mix of frames and prints, black and whites and colours. The beauty of a great eclectic photo wall like this one is that it looks like it's been put together in a few ad hoc minutes yet those of us who've tried know it takes a lot more time...and plenty of frustration!

Abbey x

Image via here

Monday, October 17, 2011

Spring flowers

Spring finally sprung at my place this weekend! I picked up these pretties from the market. Love that the sweet peas are finally flowering...

And picked these lovelies from my very own garden. The first David Austin roses for the season! Such excitement :)

Now we wait patiently for the peonies to arrive. Such a short lived luxury here unfortunately, 6 weeks if we're lucky. I'm actually growing one myself from a bulb. From planting it takes 5 years before you get your first flower! I'm about 3 1/2 years in....very committed to the cause!

Have a great Monday :)

Abbey x

Friday, October 14, 2011

This week's love... the latest 'Seekerstate' collection from Sass & Bide. I've been a S&B fan since back in the day when you had to hunt for the few good boutiques that stocked their fab jeans. It has been great to see their brand evolve into the huge success it is today. I read an article somewhere a couple of years ago where the girls were discussing the opening of their first Melbourne store. They said they were unsure about whether we Melbournians would embrace S&B, they thought maybe it was just a Sydney thing. On the weekend I walked past another fabulous S&B boutique - there are now 6 in Melbourne - and thought to myself that they need not have ever been worried about us embracing their brand! The bright colours drew me in like a moth to the flame! They really are colour queens :)

Have a fabulous Friday all! Thanks so much for stopping past G&G this week :)

Abbey x

All images from Sass & Bide via Pinterest

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Convertible colourways...

Love the combination of turquoise and navy - one of my favourites. Enjoy :)

From catwalk...

To interior...

To tabletop...

Abbey x

Images via 1, 2 & 3

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday's white kitchen...

Such a cosy feel in this week's white kitchen. And that's something considering that all the main surfaces are bright white - floors, walls, cupboards - basically the lot. The accessories provide the colour and texture and the end result is lived in yet classic. I think the large white pendant is the standout for me. There's also a lot of glossy surfaces adding some shine. More of those exposed shelves though...enemies for the messy amongst us...

Have a great Wednesday all :)

Abbey x

Image via Live Creating Yourself

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Palm Springs inspired tables...

Sadly we're back to typical Melbourne weather here - rain, cloud and wind chill - so I'm relying on these lovely tablescapes to bring some much needed summery goodness. To my eye they have an India Hicks look about them. The green foliage has a tropical feel to it and provides the perfect backdrop for the white wicker and wood. Stylish yet tranquil and the perfect place to spend a summer's afternoon...

Abbey x

Images via 1 & 2

Monday, October 10, 2011

Reading and lounging and reading...

I have a friend who says (rather forcefully) that if you don't display your books in your living area, you're 'weird'. The books you own tell a lot about you and how is anyone supposed to make their assessment of you if your books are hidden from your visitors?! He's rather an amusing chappie this friend and if his rules on life were collated, they'd make for very humorous reading. Whilst I'm not a subscriber to this one of his theories - my books are jammed onto a very overcrowded bookshelf behind the door of our spare room - I do think this little display below works perfectly. I like the idea of kicking back on the couch and having a bevy of good reading at my fingertips....

And on the subject of good reads, I'm currently on the last chapter or so of 'One Day' by David Nicholls. The movie is out at the moment too, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. The book has had mixed reviews but I must say, I've really enjoyed it. Clever concept, really well written and some unexpected twists. Anyone else a fan? We are doing it for bookclub (not as serious as it sounds, more gossiping and wine drinking than careful book analysis!) so I'll be interested to see what my friends thought of it.

Anyhow all, have a great Monday :)

Abbey x

Images via 1 & 2

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend inspiration...

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope you have lots of fun plans. I'm going to spend much of mine catching up with family and friends - always a great way to spend a weekend :)

See you next week.

Abbey x

Image via all pretty little things tumblr

Friday, October 7, 2011

This week's love...

As is often the case, a couple of loves this Friday! First up, the 1 year anniversary edition of Adore Home Magazine. Congrats Loni! And this one is extra special as it's the New York edition and if you've been following along for awhile, you'll know that I love the big apple :) So many great features but probably my faves were the interview with Christina Tonkin who designed the sets on some famous New York shows including SATC, and the tour of Cameo PR's headquarters. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can find it here. Would love to know what your favourites were :)

And secondly, these Pantone Christmas decorations! How cool are these?!

And maybe a couple of these for under the tree...

Though truth be told, as I'm the only colour-crazy-pantone-obsessed person in my family/friendship circles, they'd probably all think my tree looked funny and their gifts were lame...

Have a fantastic Friday all and thanks so much for stopping by G&G this week :)

Abbey x

Images 2 & 3 via Pinterest