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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Off and racing...

Whilst I'm not off to the Melbourne Cup today, I am excited to be spending the day at a barbeque with some lovely friends. Last year I spent Cup Day interstate for work and felt completely ripped off, so I will be making the most of things this year! Up early to study the form guide (I take my one day a year of betting quite seriously!) and then will start on my Annabel Langbein salads to take along to the barbeque. If you haven't heard of her books, you really must check them out. She also has great recipes on her website too. Particularly good if you're into healthy, organic food :)

Whilst I do love the racing, the fashions are definitely my favourite part of the spring racing carnival. Sarah Jessica Parker is about to fly in and I am dying to see what she wears to Oakes Day on Thursday! 

Have a great Monday all and to my Aussie readers - hope you back a winner :)

Abbey x

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This is a little collection of horsey goodness especially for my Aunt. She loyally reads my blog everyday even though she's not so interested in the things I write about, being much more concerned with her beloved horses...

Have a great Tuesday :)

Abbey x

Images via 1 - Flickr, 2 - Pretty stuff tumblr, 3 - Florence Broadhurst via the Elephant Room, 4 - here, 5 - here , 6 - The decorista